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How to control your bankroll in the best way

One of the keys to success in the world of betting is the control of the bank, keeping a record of everything is usually very advisable, since it not only serves to keep a clear control of profits/losses, but if we have everything well written down, we can learn a lot from mistakes that, without this betting record, we would not see.

There are bank control rules that are usually omitted when the banks are very low. For example, one of the most important to have control of the bank and not be condemned by a bad streak is that no bet, no matter how safe it is, can be more than 10% of your bank (this % varies depending on the "aggressiveness" of each one, since the stakes vary between each one, but 10% would be the maximum in any case).

Controlling the bank

That is to say, if we have a bank of 1000€ -to put a figure- our bets would go between 1 and 10% of our bank, being 1% a stake 1, which would be 10€, and 10% a stake 10, which would be 100€.

Of course, with large banks it is easier to follow this rule than with a bank of, for example, someone who is just starting out and makes a first deposit of 50€. If we follow these percentages his bets would have to go from 0.5€ (stake 1) to 5€ (stake 10) and besides being not very interesting for the bettor, he could have problems since the smallest bet accepted by some bookmakers is 1€.

It is important that if we follow these percentages to decide the amount to bet, we update them constantly. That is to say, even if we start the week with 1000€ if on Friday we arrive with losses of 200€ our bank would be 800€, so each stake unit would correspond to 8€, instead of the 10€ as before. This has to be done whether we are in profit or loss.

Excel table to control your bank

Returning to the subject of the control of the bank, the most advisable thing is to have an excel where we keep our accounting. It can be a homemade excel or use one of the many that are on the internet. In these excel as basic data we only have to introduce our initial bankroll, the sweepstakes business bets that we made, the amount introduced in each bet and the result of the same ones.

With this data the excel calculates our yield, the amount bet suggested for future bets according to the stake we use (and the % of our bank assigned to each unit of the stake), etc.

It is a very useful tool that every bettor should have, as it is not only a help to control the bank and place bets, but it allows us to look back in our betting history and see where we failed.

For example, if we see that a certain type of bets, or a sport, are consistently causing us losses over an extended period of time, it is clear that something is wrong. Or that for example we fail too many high stake bets, it would mean that we have to improve our stake control, because we fail too many bets in which our confidence was high.

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